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iOS 7.1 vs iOS 7.0 Location Services Changes

Hey All,

I wrote a blog a little while ago about the subtle differences of location services between iOS 6, iOS 7.0 and iOS 7.1.  Basically, there was a big change made in iOS 7.0 that caught many apps by surprise, and iOS 7.1 restored iOS 6.x behavior.

It looks like iOS 8 is maintaining parity with iOS 7.1, but we are still in the beta so I’ll be tracking it…

Check out the blog article here:

Southwest WiFi Doesn’t Fly

Southwest BOI->LAS RTT 8/30/13I love the fact that Southwest is rolling out WiFi to their fleet.  More and more flights I am on of theirs have WiFi and is great when I am in a pinch to get some work done.

However, as the rollout has been increasing, so has packet RTT (round trip time).  I took a flight today from Boise to Las Vegas and had consistent RTT times of ~700ms.  From a flight between PHX and SFO, I had >20% packet loss and RTT between 1000ms and 5000ms.   Trace routes were blocked so I couldn’t see where the delay was taking place.  This meant web applications were pretty much unusable and email even took a long time to sync (and actually failed more times than worked).

I wrote a note to Southwest to make them aware of the issue, and they wrote a very nice and well thought out response.  They indicated that their engineers are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the problem.  As usual with Southwest, I was very impressed with their through response and they even gave me free WiFi access to use within the next year.

That said, if you are reading this post wondering if you should pay those 8 hard-earned-dollars for WiFi, you just may want to hold off a few months while they work out those kinks.  This has been an issue for me for over the last month or two, so progress appears to be slow.

Hello Internet!

Hopefully this blog won’t end up like the vast majority of those on the internet (with this being the one and only post), but I am finally starting a basic blog to share my techy experiences with the world.

I’ve been meaning to do this for years as the tech community has graciously published information and knowledge on the internet that has helped me through a countless number of challenging problems, and has ultimately helped develop my skills to where they are today.

This blog is my effort to give back to the next guy that is stumped banging their head against the desk trying to understand WHY, and as a result hopefully make the world just that much better by helping out.

I will be posting blog entries about all sorts of things, from tech musings and analysis, to product management strategies, to code and configuration-level challenges that had me stumped.

I hope it helps, and feel free to contact and comment any time!

– Matt